Saturday, May 14, 2011

GHOST GIRL Custom Show

I got a mysterious phone call a couple weeks ago. A distorted bass heavy voice straight outta the movies said "You have been chosen to take part in the MATT SIREN Ghost Girl Custom Show at myplasticheart in NYC on Friday May 13th."

Ok cool, I was in. Got a succession of calls for the course of the next couple days with details about the event and I was off and running.

I got a big cube of compressed styro foam and magic sculpt, and started cutting and chipping away. Had a vision of snake body and kinda went from the there. Got the sculpture "bug" now big time and plan on doing a bunch of customs of my SHAPE characters this summer, 3D!

I deemed my piece "Salamander Girl"!

Before I dropped her off at the show, she took a quick pit stop in a local garden to freshen up.

The reception was really fun. Met a bunch of super cool and talented artists. There were so many great pieces from the likes of 64Colors, Royce Bannon, Steve Chanks, Chauskoskis, Darkcloud, Dril One, j*ryu & Brent Nolasco, Jester, Keely, Abe Lincoln Jr., Map Map, Marka27, Lou Pimentel, Reactor88, Marc Reusser, Todd Robertson, Robots Will Kill, Chris Ryniak, Matt Siren, Scott Tolleson, Julie West, Wheelbarrow & Wrona.

The show is up till June 12th, def stop on by if you are in the area. - 210 Forsyth St. in the LES. NY, NY. You have see them up close to truly appreciate them. Drooling is allowed.

Here are just a couple examples.

Matt Siren



Oh, I also did a Ghost Girl gilcee print, riffing on Ms. Pac Man.
Limited edition of 50, signed and dated. Get me quick!

Bye-bye! Come visit me in person!

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