Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Grantland – The Beitar Soccer Team’s Problem with Racists

Recently did an illustration for an article on Grantland about the Betair (Israeli Premier League) soccer team's ongoing struggles to successfully integrate non-Jewish players, specifically two Muslim players from Chechnya, with a small but vocal faction of their fan base called La Familia, a proudly racist group who wants their team "pure".  In the past, ownership has bowed to these angry voices and traded those non-Jewish players away. The banner in the illustration reads "Beitar Forever Pure". It is held up and displayed during games when they play. However, recently ownership has held firm to the idea that religion of the soccer field doesn't matter and have withstood a barrage of pressure, ending the season without a trade.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

21st Century Love Story

Here's a recent image I did for a filmmaker's script currently being shopped around Hollywood. It's about a burnt out guy and a distracted young lady.  I sure hope it gets made.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cover for The Pitch – NCAA BIG XII Warriors

Just did a cover for The Pitch (Kansas City) out today. NCAA Big XII basketball meets The Warriors movie from the 70s.  Come out and play March Madness!

Detail shots

dunk-Final-Pitch-Cover-Big-XII-Warriors-PJ-McQuade copy 2


Plus some interiors, "Can you match the hair to the Coach?" and various spots.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

LA Weekly - The Big Lebowski!

Got a bunch of Big Lebowski character illustrations in this week's issue of LA Weekly - Maude, The Dude and "Shut the F up, Donnie" Walter. There's a big article on the movie and these are each individually spots interspersed throughout the article at about 6 inches high I hear.  Cant wait to check out the article, I'm a big fan of the movie, saw it like a pachillion times when I was younger.  Hadn't in a while though leading up to this, so I watched it again. It's a tough job, this art thing, sometimes.  Used my camera to take pictures of paused shots in the tv, then in combination with other reference and such, created these.    Went with a biblical vibe with The Dude, robes flowing.  Wanted to partly show Walter's briefly seen sensitive side, hence the "pomeranian".  And for Maude, I just wanted to show off her - amen - wardrobe.The-Big-Lebowski-Illustration-Spots-LA-Weekly-PJ-McQuade
LA Weekly Big Lebowski PJ McQuade
LA Weekly Big Lebowski PJ McQuade 2

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tots, Babies and Kids, Oh My!

I did a bunch of kid portraits for family and friends recently. Behold the next generation.
Benjamin DiLeone - Applesauce on Shirt
Charlie Sallese #1 - Beach Ponderer
Charlie Sallese #2 - Cake Overload
Charlie Kelley - The Grand Buddha