Thursday, April 15, 2010

MoCCA Festival 2010!!!

Congo Man Video - Listen to his seductive rhythms...

Hey folks! Had a booth at the MoCCA Festival at the Lexington Armory in NYC this part weekend.

Here's how the NY DAILY NEWS summed it up - "MoCCA's annual two-day art festival attracts thousands of comic art lovers & creators from around the globe to celebrate the world's most popular art form in the heart of New York City. It's a unique venue to experience comics, mini-comics, web comics, graphic novels, animation, posters, prints, original artwork, and more; dozens of established and emerging creators, scholars, & other experts to participate in two days of lecture/discussion panels on a variety of comics & cartoon topics."

PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY had an interesting take on the whole affair this year. Check out this link.

What a blast! Always a fun and exciting time. Check out the MoCCA website for all of their going ons.

This year, my good buddy and co-SHAPE stylist Steve Sallese and his lovely wife Heather came in and helped out Daria and I. Thanks guys!!! Our table featured books by our newly formed book company, Frevil Books, Inc. - We had Magical Tales of Enchanted Mysteriousness - Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, plus we were selling advanced copies of our new book SHAPES: The New Brethren by me and Steve.

Daria (sans SHAPE shirt), Me, Steve and Heather

Daria with Rumple shirt on - Flashdance style!
"And she dan-cing like she's ne-ver dance before..."

Original new Brethren SHAPES, plus the classic High School album.

Check this link to see more photos from MoCCA at our Flickr album.

The Frevil Books, Inc. catalogue thus far...

Lots to say involving those ventures in the future, but I figured this post would instead spotlight all the cool people we met and stuff we bought. So... here we go!

Marianne Petit
Shockheaded Peter (an accordian pop-up book) from the Struuwelpeter.

Wonderful works! So cool...
Check out her website for more details.

Oh, here's a video displaying them in all their 3-D glory!

Shockheaded Peter from Marianne Petit on Vimeo.

The Blurry World
by Dave "Echo" Schurtman

Really clever and funny single panel comics.
Reminds me of The Far Side, but still unique in its own voice.
Go Dave Go!

Vishavjit Singh

A different take on the world. The Sikh side of things.
Very intriguing. Love the Sikh Incredibles bag.

Vasilis Lolos
Very talented artist outta Greece!
Love his inks.

Space Wolf - nuff said!

Traded him a copy of SHAPES: The New Brethren for Northlanders,
a viking battle comic from Vertigo, in which he did the art.
Check out his blog, IRON WILL. I hear he's got some sweet works coming out.

Bean Wolf Productions

Very cool and talented animator I met at our booth. Destiny?
She'll be animating Stagg Willy & The Fronyon Man!!!! Woo hoo!
Hopefully, a bunch more as well.
Check out some sweet animation clips at her deviantart site

Josh Seigel
Hey, that's Devin T. Quinn of The Scurvy Pirates. I know that guy!
"They'll be worse things than dying for you..."

Super talented graphic artist.
Love his modtakes on superheroes.

VOLTAIRE'S Newest Evil Creation
Cool video game on his site. Be DEADY!

I knew of this guy Voltaire from my early days of doing Freedomland NYC for the SciFi (Syfy!) Channel back in 1999. He did this awesome animated web series for them called Chi Chian. We never met though, until last weekend. Cool guy, super talented. Oh, just check his links! SICK!!!

Geek Nights - Did an audio interview/pitch with them. I didn't nail it. It wasn't there fault, they were great guys and sure glad we did it. I could have been more concise, less rambly. Good experience though - Thanks guys!

Neil Fitzpatrick

My wife Daria bought a couple little paintings from him.
One of Link from Zelda and one of E.T. Great renderings.
Both excellent additions to our cluttered apt. walls.
Plus he's got a bunch of cool comics, check him out!


GEEK RADIO about wassup in the world!
New eps every Monday and Friday
They have a video on Funny or Die too!

Sweet Designs and Illustrations!

Monica Ramos

She's got skillz!
Check out her site for illustrative ramblings

Masuko Jo

Sketch Diary y'all!
Good good stuff.

Jennifer Weber

Jennifer has a really neat, anime-inspired web comic called Run Lil Jared.
It's archived here - Check it!

Thomas Warming

Very cool and talented fella I first met last year
at MoCCA and had the pleasure again this year.
Books, television, movies, he does it all!

Dan Pinto

My darling wife bought this portrait of a skeleton with a mustache from his booth.
Lots of cool stuff at his website. Wunderbar!

Day Dream Comics
Matt Roscetti

Met Matt on Saturday. On Sunday he rolled by and gave me the above drawing. Seems him and his brother collabed on a SHAPE! Awesome job! Sallese has bestowed a name. Hope you dig it!

Rick Parker's DEADBOY!

Didn't get to meet up with Rick at the con, but he's unveiled
this doozy over at BLURB. Utter HOTNESS!!!

"A troubled, but misunderstood youth with a bad attitude and a craving for adventure as well as a good bar of chocolate and his naive formerly-dead friend, accompany a wise-cracking crow (who thinks he's a raven) as the three of them circumnavigate a nightmarish, surrealistic landscape inhabited by love-starved, violence-prone zombies and all manner of strange creatures large and small. Suggested for mature and immature readers."

You can purchase it and check out the preview HERE!

Check out his home website too.
This guys done it all, from Marvel to DC, Village Voice to Nickelodeon, even on matchbooks!


We had a booth next to him - So props to the Captain! Lotta fun stuff.
Loved his comic Kim Fu Yu vs. Jenny Rancid. Plus he sings. This guy does everything!!!

The Crown Jewel of the Number Foundation Publishing Empire.
We sat next to them at MoCCA. Josh and I go way back, so it was a lot of fun! Schmoozed with the likes of the uber-talented Steve Chanks, Mara Lander, Brian Ewing, Sean Pryor and Erik Rodriguez.
If these images don't make your mouth water,
then you probably shouldn't visit their sizzling website, and aren't hungry for awesomeness.

To close out the blogpost, like he closed out the MoCCA Festival on Sunday night
I'll leave you with Sallese's MoCCA Chair Rodeo - Enjoy!