Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gandalf Stormcrow

 PJ McQuade Gandalf
"Why should I welcome you, Gandalf Stormcrow?"

Gandalf is a badass, plain and simple.  This piece was created for "McKellen Me Softly" a one night only art show last month in NYC in tribute to geek icon and queer hero Sir Ian McKellen, to benefit Geeks OUT, a nonprofit organization out to rally and represent the growing community of geeks who are queer. Check out this link for more info

Available as a 11x14" giclee print, signed and numbered edition of 30.
 PJ McQuade Gandalf the Grey drawing
I had a lot of fun creating this image and a breakthrough of sorts. After years of primarily using only digital for the final result, I went back to my roots and created Gandalf and all of the linework in traditional pencil. I think the result is more intimate and gritty, and exciting for me as an artist, hopefully you as a viewer as well. You can really get up in there! The background is digitally colored with traditional watercolors accents. Will keep experimenting this way, feel like it has lots of potential, and ultimately makes my work for "me".

PJ McQuade Gandalf the Grey draw

PJ McQuade Gandalf the Grey print
PJ McQuade Gandalf the Grey

Prints available through my shop HERE

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Major League Soccer - Futbol Artist Network

I recently teamed up with Futbol Artist Network's Creative Director (& illustrator extraordinaire!) Daniel Nyari to produce artwork for the television show, MLS Insider.  Produced by Emmy Award-winner Jonathan Hock, the ground-breaking series moves to a new outlet -- KICKTV -- and continues to take fans behind the scenes of the MLS world returning with a second season of in-depth features, personal profiles, and culturally relevant videos.  FAN will use a series of artists to produce a new art piece to correspond with each week's new show.
This week's theme was Destroy & Create featuring Team USA's dynamic duo Michael Bradley of Toronto FC & Real Salt Lake's Kyle Beckerman.  Hats off to Daniel for coming up with the perfect concept, the playing card, highlighting the fact that they compliment each other very well in both the destroy & create roles while sharing the midfield.  Their intelligent play makes the two central midfielders strong candidates to represent the U.S. Men's National Team in Brazil this summer. MLS Insider provides a deep dive into the athleticism, acumen and artistry that each brings to the field.

Check out the MLS Insider article and videoHERE! 
Prints will be available through the Futbol Artist Network soon HERE

Monday, March 24, 2014

New Prints - Stephen King & SMAUG



My print for Hero Complex Gallery 'King for a Day', an art tribute to Stephen King's works, opening on March 21st, 2014 in Los Angeles.  Available 12x12" (edition of 35) or 24x24" (edition of 5). Prints shots below. A portion of all proceeds of the show will benefit Mr. King's charity of choice, The Haven Foundation (, a non-profit service that serves to benefit freelance creatives of all types who have found themselves unable to work due to disease or accident.
12x12" prints available HERE
24x24" prints available HERE

Lake-town is Burning Rankin:Bass Glow Smaug PJ McQuade

Rankin/Bass style.

I know in some Tolkien circles, the Rankin/Bass animated Hobbit flick gets some guff, but in my world, it's still TOPS.  And, no offense to Peter Jackson and company, but the Rankin/Bass Smaug is better.  I wanted to LOVE Cumberbatch's new Smaug, but despite high hopes, I found him to be like a solid B.  Does the job well but nothing super inspired, a little too by the numbers for me.  Dragons are like pizza, even an OK slice is great, but they are done usually pretty underwhelming in movies, the incredible Verminthrax Perjorative from Dragon Slayer being the exception. The Rankin/Bass design really takes such a huge risk, I mean, a cat dragon? but its so crazy that it actually works. A unique, bold choice.  Hats off.  Very ballsy, very un-Tolkien (sure to piss off purists)  but whatever, he captures the spirit in spades. He's got such a powerful badass presence, a serious 'tude and a great voice, thanks to veteran actor Peter Boone, who added just a touch of western outlaw to the mix. An odd combination for sure but I think it works brilliantly.  His line readings range from relax and confident to totally unhinged and frightening, all done without any weird, unnecessary audio filters and sound effects. The Rankin/Bass Smaug delivers the goods.

SO, in honor of Rankin/Bass and Peter Boone, I created this 8x10" limited edition (30) prints for the "When The Lights Go Out 2" Glow in the Dark show at the Bottleneck Gallery.   Variant color version available as well, edition of 20.
Variant Lake-town is Burning Rankin:Bass Glow Smaug PJ McQuade
That's right, it glows in the dark! Check out below for an approximation of the effect.

Glow Lake-town is Burning Rankin:Bass Glow Smaug PJ McQuade
 Non glowy shots of prints with the lights on below.



All prints hand signed and numbered.
8x10" standard version available HERE
Variant available HERE

Thursday, February 20, 2014


When I was first asked to create a print for the Generation Geek gallery show in Bourges, France for Geek-Art, I was surprisingly stumped.  Not because I couldn't think of what to do, but because there were too many options.  The theme was Geek History from the past to the present, a pretty open topic, so... where to start?! My initial thought was to involve Godzilla. Then I decided to draw just a few more of my favorite characters from science fiction and fantasy from the last century; from books, comic books, cartoons, movies, video games etc. - the ones that inspired and wowed me from childhood to today. 
You know, just a few.
Then it got personal.  What happened next was this, a print depicting my own geek history, my ODE to GEEK. Limited edition print, size ranges from approx 16x24" (40x60cm) to 28x40" (70x100cm), available only through Geek-Art.

Ode to Geek PJ McQuade Geek-Art Final web

Ode to Geek PJ McQuade Geek-Art 2
Ode to Geek PJ McQuade Geek-Art 1
Ode to Geek PJ McQuade Geek-Art 3
Ode to Geek PJ McQuade Geek-Art 4
Check out my site for more pics and info HERE
Prints are available through Geek-Art HERE
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Friday, December 13, 2013

"Star Wars & More" Christmas Store Extravaganza 2013

The 2013 Star Wars Christmas cards are here!  4 new ones - Yoda Claus, Cantina Scene, Echo Base Christmas Eve and Jabba Bells.
Yoda-Santa-Claus-Star-Wars-10 Pack Christmas-Card-PJ-McQuade
Hive A Wretched Holiday Star Wars Chrustmas Cards PJ McQuade
Hoth Hangar Star Wars Christmas cards PJ McQuade
Wampa Wonderland PJ McQuade
Jabba the Hutt Star Wars Christmas cards PJ McQuade
Jabba the Hutt Christmas Card PJ McQuadejpg
The 2011 & 2012 cards are available as well. Lando Mistletoe, Chewbacca The Red Nosed Reindeer, Salacious Crumb Xmas Sweater, Tauntaun Snowflake and Bossk: Santa's Helper.
PLUS there's a bunch of non-Star Wars cards as well - Have a Sunny Xmas, Breaking Bad "Sled Lightly" and Quint Jaws "This Holdiay, Swallow You Whole"
Breaking Bad Christmas Cards PJ McQuade
AND for the first time I got ORNAMENTS :)
Walter White Breaking Bad Ornament PJ McQuade
Quint Jaws Ornament PJ McQuade
Star wars ornaments
Print detail Star Wars Christmas PJ McQuade
Cards are available individually, in packs of 5, 10 or 20.  All 9 Star Wars cards are available in The Holiday Special 9 Pack Combo.
Check it all out here.
Enter CASTLEHOTH as promo code and get 15% off
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Good, The Bad & The Walking Dead

Hero Complex Gallery , in collaboration with AMC, is excited to announce their biggest exhibition of the year, invading Los Angeles on Friday, October 11th, from 7-10pm, on the eve of the Season 4 premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead! Check out the link to the gallery above, there are so many excellent pieces.  Here is my contribution. Inspired by Daryl Dixon and Clint Eastwood's penchant for ponchos, I present to you, The Good, The Bad & The Walking Dead!

  7ab10b61c5ebf120cf05ccdfbc411212 9e5d05caf1c4534542f369b423b4a61d

Check out my website for more detail shots and photos of the print HERE
Limited edition (75) giclées.
Prints available through Hero Complex HERE

Thursday, September 12, 2013

ALL HAIL NINTENDO! My Tribute to Mario, Metroid & Zelda.

I created these for the 3NES group show at the Bottleneck gallery.  3NES is a group art show organized by illustrator Chogrin at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn featuring a variety of artwork honoring three of Nintendo’s most popular video games (Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid).  I am super excited to be part of this show. I grew up playing these games like a fiend, and had such a blast bringing these prints to life.  They are available as 13×19″ limited edition (85) giclée print, 300 gsm, archival inks.
Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Nintendo 3NES PJ McQuade 1
“Awake the Wind”
Super Mario Bros Nintendo 3NES PJ McQuade 1
“It’s-A-Me, Mario!”
Metroid Samus Aran Nintendo 3NES PJ McQuade 1
“Surprise, Surprise”
Metroid Zelda Mario Nintendo 3NES photo 1 PJ McQuade
Check out detail views & print shots on my website
Available for purchase through the Bottleneck Gallery…

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Breaking Bad's Walter White has gone over to the Dark Side, for reals.  He is the one who knocks.  He is the danger!  Most importantly, he's in the Empire business. Here's to hoping he has a redemptive final act.  Available as a 13x19" giclée full bleed print, hand signed & dated.  OH, I am including a free 3x4" Darth Heisenberg head waterproof sticker with every print purchased. :)  Check this link to my website for details and print shots.