Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TALES of WOE by John Reed

updated march 2011 - digital version of "A Trunk of Vengeance"

"It feels good in my hands, heavy, shaped. Small and black, tight. Like an airport-hotel room bible..." - Shathley Q, PopMatters

Tales of Woe by John Reed
came out last week. The "airport-hotel room bible" description is spot-on. That's what it feels like, a hardbound testament to this world's twisted cruelty. I don't think there will ever be a more horrible collection of true life horror stories. Well, perhaps there will be one day - the sequel? - but it will never be this beautifully illustrated. Tales of Woe! Damn, it's finally here. Sometimes, I didn't think it would make it to the bookshelves,. I did these illustrations back in the spring/summer of 2008. There was a big delay in the printing because of the economy and because it didn't comply with Chinese decency law, so it had to be printed in Singapore.

"Sin, suffering, redemption.
That's the movie, the front page news, that's the story
of popular culture - of American culture.
A ray of hope. A comeuppance. An all-for-the-best.
That it'll all work out in the end, that people get what they deserve.

Sometimes people suffer for no reason.
No sin, no redemption.
Just suffering, suffering, suffering."

Powerful, disturbing and unforgettably painful.”
—Calvin Reid, Publisher’s Weekly

Here are the illustrations I created for the book. Glimpses of the horrors that await you... Head on down to Barnes & Noble or Borders,and pick up a copy to see the rest of 'em!

In fact all of the artists involved deserve a shout out! 8Pussy, Elisabeth Alba, Delia Gable, Chadwick Whitehead, Michele Witchipoo, Alex Warble, Ralph Neise, Sarah Oleksy, Walter Einenkel, Stephane Blanquet, myself, and Kiki Jones. Click on their names to visit their website.

I know all the artists, most of all the author John Reed, had a tough time bringing this book to you. Interestingly, the book was born out of a lunch-in with an editor who thought THIS was the idea that would get people's attention, that this was a book they'd want to print and put money behind. (Click here to read an interview with John.) Because pain and controversy sells and gets headlines. Because we love hearing scary tales around the campfire.

"Tales of Woe is nearly two hundred pages of strange and twisted tragedy without even the slightest inclination to serve up a single happy ending. It’s a sickening look at the horrors of real life from around the globe, and while I’m hesitant to recommend it, I have a feeling I pretty much just have." - Marc Patterson, Brutal As Hell

Check it out on Amazon.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dr. Broccoli

Once in a lifetime, there is a show so powerful, so incredible that it moves a nation.

Who is Dr. Broccoli?
Where is Dr. Broccoli?
Why is Dr. Broccoli?

All good questions that will be answered in due time. For now though, sit back, relax, flip through your fall calendar, find an open time slot and pencil in an appointment with him. You'll be glad you did.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tales of Woe by John Reed - preview

Hey gang! Sneak peak at artwork for a future blog post about my involvement in "Tales of Woe "(MTV Press) by John Reed. It hit bookshelves everywhere on Tuesday. Check out the site www.talesofwoe.com to get a flavor though. INTENSE! Already racking up notoriety and acclaim. It is brutal and unfortunately all true.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

PEACE DAY! August 15th, 2010

A couple weeks ago, I was contacted by a mysterious gentleman called Joe Peace. He's organized a movement to take a more active approach in promoting and celebrating peace globally, and specifically on the newly created Peace Day on August 15, 2010, and every year going forward.

His words. "We are aware of the United Nations Peace day on 9/21, and we support Celebration of this day as well. It is a noble cause. However, the United Nations still remains a Political body, that has made some Political decisions that not all individuals may agree with. Secondly the United Nations has a, "Peace Keeping Force" they have tanks, guns, and other weapons. We recognize that these may be needed for defense purposes, however we feel that using Force to establish Peace....is like shouting for silence."

He was interested in my artwork and asked me to design a poster for the day and create a cartoon character. I was totally game. The peace sign has been use in every way imaginable over the decades. I sketched a peace sign as a radiating sun and thought it was perfect. Here's what I came up with.

Check out the site below for more details. It's really quite an ambitious venture, one that I'm positive will grow and evolve over the coming years. I'm very happy to be part of it's beginnings.


Join now! Invite your friends, spread the word!

Below is some information from the page:
"The purpose for this day is simple. It will be a day for the entire population of the world to serve and celebrate Peace.

This Peace Day is for the People by the People. We do not represent Nations, or Political ideologies. We are simply people joining together to spread Kindness and Peace
The manner in which individuals choose to partake in this service and celebration is entirely up to each individual. The guidelines are simple. The only requirement is that individuals devote a portion of their day spreading kindness and peace through various acts of charitable service. The second portion of the day (and hopefully well into the night) will simply be a time for individuals to gather together for the purpose of celebrating the power of Peace."

"There is no way to peace; peace is the way." - A.J. Muste