Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Here's the collection I hung at the Toy Tokyo Underground Gallery last week. The Crazy Monster show will be up through this weekend so swing by right quick!

I created a SHAPES grid of 88 characters, including 20 updated ones from high school, the Magical Tales Gang of 28, The 34 New Brethren, plus 6 new ones from last month.

Then I started mapping out the Land in which the live. Locales include Castle Ramburger, The Puddles of Pain, Rizzakistan, The Bleeding Lake, Boca Ratoni's Radical Chamber, Mishroom City, Big Biscuit Canyon, Corriander's Puffs & Potions, Hallover Opera House, The Perfumed Meadows and many more. What fun! It took up over 2 GB of memory. Will post up some detail shots soon.

Psssst! I'm currently building a separate website for all my fantasy and creature based works. Check out www.castlemcquade.com for a sneak peak close ups of this imagery.

Then I framed some signed giclee prints of certain characters.

Top Row (l-r) Roja Serious the Clock Cleaner, Ramburger the Chancellor, Queen Nadya of Pollen Nation. Middle Row (l-r) Dr. Broccoli, Jerry Chops the Skip, Simyan Tong the Constable. Bottom Row (l-r) Figgy Fondue the Admiral, Boca Ratoni & Detective Snargent.

Oh, that's me, rockin a new beard! haha

I was really thrilled about how the collection went over. Most people really enjoyed it, but some were extra intrigued, just staring and pointing at the map and characters with bemused and interested faces, giggling with their friends for a long while, seemingly lost in the world before them. Their eyes slowly examining the various nooks and crannies of the landscape and characters. Was awesome to see. They get what I am doing and were really soaking it up.

It was a fantastic time, I met a lot of great new people and I saw a ton of inspiring artwork. See this previous post for details and the list of talented artists.

This summer I am going to be turning my attention towards the fantasy/childrens book genre. I have many tales of my own to illustrate and create comics of, but will also be doing interpretations of familiar fairy tales. Really excited towards returning to these roots.


Patrick Leyendecker said...

i like your crazy monsters! wow great gratulations to the galerie thing, hope you post soon some more great little creatures. greets

Patrick McQuade said...

Thanks Patrick, much more to come!