Monday, August 29, 2011



With all the hoopla about the new Del Toro produced flick, here's my homage to the original 1973 version. I love the original creature character design, so un-obvious and weird., memorable. Deformed, oblong baby heads, hairy gorilla suit bodies. They were sad... tortured, in addition to being murderous little fellas. Their voices were super creepy too.


"The idea of the creatures coming out of an ash clean-out pit came from the Spanish house that writer Nigel McKeand was living in at the time; it had an old fireplace at the rear with a deep clean-out pit, bolted at the rear. It was so deep, creepy and dark nobody ever wanted the job of cleaning it out. Nigel McKeand stated that the creatures seen are more 'lumbering' than he intended in the script; his version of the creatures were quick, thin, and more demonic."

Perhaps these decisions a product of a low budget, and no CGI but maybe better than the new spastic monkey demons. Haven't seen the new flick though, cant wait. Hope it's dope.

My wife and sister in law called the originals "Toogies" for some reason, so...


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Wednesday, August 24, 2011



The obvious mash-up of the week!

The SEXIEST man on TV, now even SEXIER, that is, if you're into the whole muscle-y thing.

Painted for the infamous ROYAL FLUSH Book 7

11x14'' print now available on my Etsy store for all you Coneheads out there.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Goth Beauty & The Freaky Beast


Ever notice that the Beast in "Beauty and the Beast" is, well, a beast, but still studly? Like an anthropomorphic Fabio. Lantern jawed, barrel chested with bulging muscle and a cute butt. An animal, but handsome, a good looking lion man with wavy long hair, so dreamy.

My version is sniveling, weird... freaky, more Cronenberg than Disney.


Hence, a true test of love for Beauty, it's not just her warming to an overgrown teddy bear. If she could fall in love with the creature above, then that would really be something.

Check out my in-progress thread over at CGHUB, sketches to final.

- Done for the Fairytales Re-Imagined Art Challenge.

Just posted it over at my deviantART account too. Gimme a shout out if you're over there- Cheers!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Extra Extra

Read all about it! The Pitch came in the mail today. I love the smell of newspaper in the morning...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I did this for the Fairytale Re-Imagined Art Challenge on CGHUB. Click to enlarge.

Cromagnon Red Riding Hood is about to get chomped by a T-Wolf... but wait, hold up - Red actually looks pretty badass, like she's gonna poke em in the eye & flip outta harm's way. Hmmm... Who do u think is going to win?

(Yes, I know dinosaurs and people never existed together in real time, separated by millions of years, but whatevs. Think of this as more of a Flinstones/One Million BC homage)

Click below to check out my work in progress thread. Super ultra sloppy sketches (yikes)! to the pristine final you see above. Actually I'll probably keep playing with for a bit... never done, always tweaking...

Thursday, August 4, 2011



Long ago, a tortoise beat a hare in a footrace. It's a tale we all know. The tortoise was cheered by all and went on to live a happy life. The hare... well, things didn't go so well for him. This is his story.

Ridiculed and shamed, his life in shambles, the hare was driven to isolation, to the musty dark of the Fermented Forest! There he became crazed with self hatred, and obsessed with REVENGE. Living on a diet of dusty, odd mushrooms, his mind was warped even further, while his body never aged. He worked out constantly, got super jacked, ultra strong. His legs could crush tree trunks, he could hear a leaf swooshing in the breeze, became ultra alert. He trained ferociously, studying every type of fighting method ever invented, and even created a few new ones. He began to pray to the moon, to Firth and to The Black Rabbit of Inlé. Soon his prayers were answered.

A shadowy figure with a shredded cloak came to visit him one day and showed him pictures of 4 turtles living far away. This figure said that they were the Sons of the Tortoise that beat him.

The hare had become The Black Rabbit, an ancient fighting force from another time, and now it knew what he had to do.


I entered this character into a contest a couple days ago on CGHUB about fictional Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villains. Username - LandofMcQuade