Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rooney Fruits - Animated!

Whelp, we didn't make it to Round 2 of the Sydney Opera House Graphic Animation Competition - D'oh! Damn Aussie politics for sure, BUT, to be honest, I think our submission was lacking in "plot development" or whatever (dancing isn't "plot development? haha) and it could have a couple more edits and cuts to other action. That said, it had a top rating and was top 20 in voting but judges chose 10 from that, and we got cut. Bummed! However, all in all, I think it was a rousing success, and quite a fun little piece. It was my first foray into the realm of animation and I am hooked! Looking forward to future collaboration with my bro-in-law Adam Kelley, a very talented animator. We have really some cool things in the docket, so stay tuned!

The guidelines of the contest were that it had to be 20 second long, involve the theme of 'recovery", incorporate a yawn, and something in it had to be 7 years old.
Without further ado, here's the animation -

"Ever Danced with An Angel?" Starring Rooney Fruits the Angel Dancer! from McQuade on Vimeo.

U dig? It's nothing major, obviously, but with it's conception and execution, a door to another world has been opened, and we are off & running.

Created by Patrick McQuade & Adam Kelley

Artwork by Patrick McQuade
Animated by Adam Kelley
Music by GalaxyKidGamma
Rooney Fruits' Name Bestowed by Steve Sallese

Voice Work:
Maren Kelley as Rooney Fruits
Daria Sellon McQuade as The Red Handed Witch

Rooney Fruits the Angel Dancer copyright © 2010, Patrick McQuade & Steve Sallese.
Sneak Peak at forthcoming SHAPES website

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