Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ladies-N-Gents, Johnny Bennett!

I met Johnny Bennett in L.A. in 2001, back when I was rabble-rousing as lead singer of the infamous Spicy Rizzaks. Hazy & strange days for sure, but even then I could tell he was one cool and talented dude. During your time on the musical circuit, you meet a lot of people, some brilliant, some not so much. The thing is, with Bennett, he's the real deal, got chops. And every time he releases a new album, he proves me right.

His most recent is Gone Missing, a follow up to The Violet Hush. Gone Missing is darker, deeper than anything he's done before. With a bit of luck, it'll be his breakthrough album, and just remember you heard about him here first. The story of how it got made - replete with madness and redemption in the English countryside - is almost as good as the album. Bennett's got a serious ear for melody, a skilled voice and killer lyrics. Bottom line, it's fucking good, harkening back to when musicians actually wrote songs and played instruments. When 12 year girls didn't rule the marketplace, when albums, not singles by reality tv show contestants, got the headlines. God bless Johnny Bennett. Rock on brother!

For more about Mr. Bennett, his music and up-coming tour dates, check out his website at

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