Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nuts & Bolts @ The Society of Illustrators

On July 9th & 10th I attended the the wonderful Nuts & Bolts Conference at the Society of Illustrators in NYC, sponsored by 3 x 3 Magazine.

N.C. Wyeth

The event was put together and hosted by Charles Hively. Amongst many other things, Charles is the publisher and design director of 3x3 Magazine and Creative Quarterly. He really cares about illustration and artists and for that, he gets a big thumbs up and my respect. Thank you Charles!

The guest speakers were all fantastic artists. They all gave incredible presentations about their personal journey into the illustration field that were very insightful into the business and about their work.

Aaron Meshon

Steve Tabbutt

Left to Right - Aaron Meshon, Marcos Chin, Steve Tabbutt, Charles Hively, Nora Krug, Chris Buzelli, Sean Qualls and Paul Hoppe. Many, many thanks to them for their generous spirit! Special thanks to Andre da Loba and Nora Krug for taking the time to discuss with me the MFA program at SVA, and to Aaron Meshon for his insight into copyrighting and trademarking.

Nuts & Bolts - Class of 2010! I met a lot of very cool people over the course of the conference that I hope to keep in touch with, but many more I didn't meet that I hope to connect with online. Give a shout out if you stumble upon this!

Me, Charles and my wife Daria at the event's conclusion at Cocktail Hour.

This event was a real kick in the ass, eye-opening in so many ways. Provided me with much hope and inspiration. Thank you all - Onward and upward!


michelle said...

Hi there Patrick, it was a great event indeed! Now that I see your picture I realize I was sitting next to you during the lectures and yet somehow never ended up having a conversation with you. Too many people to meet in so little time! Glad to get in touch online though. I remember you asking a lot of good questions of the speakers. Good luck and stay motivated!

Daria Sellon McQuade said...

Love these pics...SOI is such a fantastic place...so glad you went! xoo