Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Walking Dead/Star Wars Mashup

Michonne Walking Dead Star Wars Jedi PJ McQuade
Tatooine has been infected with zombie stormtroopers. Who you gonna call? Michonne from The Walking Dead of course! Pay attention JJ Abrams. Given her prowess with a samurai blade, I always picture her with a lightsaber. We all know she’s a total badass, but now she has interstellar credentials. She even has a pelt of decapitated bounty hunter heads - Bossk, Dengar and she’s about to collect IG-88’s tin noggin. Michonne has this cloak of mystery around her so I imagined her as a bounty hunter to muddy the Jedi waters. I see her as a mercenary of sorts, not always towing the Jedi line note for note (perhaps there was a falling out) but she’s on the side of good when the sugar honey ice tea hits the fan, I think…  Designed as the debut issue of her comic, here’s to wishing.
 Michonne Walking Dead Star Wars Jedi PJ McQuade 1 
Michonne Walking Dead Zombie Star Wars Jedi PJ McQuade 33
Michonne Walking Dead Sticker PJ McQuade 2 3
It is available as a 13x19" full bleed giclĂ©e print, hand signed and dated. https://www.etsy.com/listing/156118236/michonne-walking-deadstar-wars-mashup?ref=shop_home_active  OH, I am including a free 3x4" Michonne headshot waterproof sticker with every print sold. :)

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