Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ray Harryhausen’s Medusa & Cyclops – Bottleneck Gallery

I was recently part of the Bottleneck Gallery's Where is My Mind? show.  I chose to honor a King of my childhood, the incomparable Ray Harryhausen.  Even though his movies came out before my time, his monsters & creatures really struck a chord with me, especially his Sinbad Trilogy (Seventh, Golden, Eye of the Tiger) and the original Clash of the Titans of course.  They were on a permanent VHS loop in my house growing up.  I had planned on doing 6 or so portraits of his creations, but in the the end, a time crunch narrowed it to 2, hopefully i'll get around to the rest later this year. Here are my favs, Cyclops and Medusa.
Ray Harryhausen Cyclops Bottleneck Gallery PJ McQuade
Ray Harryhausen Medusa Bottleneck Gallery PJ McQuade
Ray Harryhausen Cyclops Medusa Bottleneck Gallery PJ McQuade
They are available as 13x13" giclée prints, limited edition of 50, signed and numbered, through the Bottleneck Gallery.

Cyclops is available here
Medusa is available here


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