Friday, August 24, 2012

Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln Part 2!

The poster for the Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln movie by Steven Speilberg was just released. Looks great! Since it's roughly the same time period, I'm imagining Bill "The Butcher" Cutting from Gangs of New York as a distant cousin. I had done a portrait of DDL as Lincoln last fall. Below are a couple shots of the process of how I got there. I did that Lincoln painting - upper left - maybe 7 years ago or so, then super imposed a recent ink drawing of DDL on his face and went from there. The result was a younger version of Lincoln then it now seems that the movie is portraying so I just greyed him up a bit, added some age and stress. He's still has a bit too cocky of an expression, but perhaps he was just having a nice, stress free nano-second during the horrible strife of the Civil War. Lincoln seems like such a solemn, serious, kinda tortured guy with the weight of the world of his shoulders every second of his life. For all the goods he did, I hope he managed to find fun and humor and happiness in his life, moments where he caught himself in the mirror and thought, "I'm the fuckin' man!"

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