Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cover of The Pacific Northwest Inlander

Here’s the cover artwork I did recently for The Pacific Northwest Inlander. The subject was DEBT MACHINE.

But before I got here, I developed another take on the subject, below.

I had a blast developing these but they were deemed too environmental, too alien abduction-y…

So I simplified and went in this direction, more personal, here’s a rough photoshopped thingy sketch…

The bedroom setting was a bit too… sexy, haha, so Chris suggested putting him a factory conveyor belt, good call!

Below is a jpeg of the cover. Wish I had gotten a print copy to check out… Anybody in Spokane got one?

I need to remind myself to keep it bold, esp. when working on illustrations that be printed on newsprint. In hindsight I wish I used a bit heavier line, a little more silhouette-y.. but hey live and learn, I still really dig it

Finally, here’s a screen shot of all the in progress’ and reference files I gathered.

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