Monday, June 25, 2012

GOBLIN! In Progress


I've been working on a vast amount of primarily unseen fantasy/monster/fairy tale artwork over the past couple years. Been experimenting with digital and traditional visuals, learning a bunch of different techniques but generally suffering from the Goldilocks syndrome, not satisfied with certain elements and the overall look of things - that was too much, that was not enough. Trying to find a visual sweet spot. Work like this means so much to me that it's hard to let go. But I think I just figured a big piece of the puzzle out. I'm redrawing everything I've done thus far in old fashioned pencil and overlaying in over top then going from there. I'm getting back to my roots, where it all began. Will go much more in depth about this later but for now, here's a little glimpse of what I've been up to. Will be posting a slew of imagery this fall. Tally ho!

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