Monday, June 4, 2012


Long long ago, Beings from another time and place visited our species in it's infancy.

They would visit us again thousands of years later, bestowing us with gifts of incredible knowledge, helping to advance our mortal capabilities.

But perhaps it wasn't out of kindness or grace.

Perhaps they were just buttering us up...

For The Slaughter.



Director Ridley Scott returns to the scifi genre this June.
Here’s my tribute to the forthcoming movie.

fyi, I have no idea if that's the plot, just following the logic ?? of the trailer

Below are some of the separate components that made up the whole. Had a blast doing this, I have a bunch of other movie poster planned this year. Stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by :)

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Anonymous said...

Great Work, truly talented! I saw the move twice already and I'm looking forward to the continuation.
What are your thoughts on the movie?