Thursday, July 28, 2011


Here are a couple of BIG detail shots of the cover illustration I did recently for THE PITCH, along with the full version with and without text. The issue is about the upcoming outdoor music festivals at the Kansas City Speedway - "Kanrocksas" featuring Eminem and "FarmAid" featuring Neil Young and Willie Nelson. Check it out the article here If you live in the Kansas City area though, pick on up a copy, on stands as of yesterday.

The Pitch Cover by Patrick McQuade




The final piece is printing 10x11" - so big! - I can't wait to see it in my hands. Hopefully they'll ship me those copies soon - I had a blast doing this, despite the quick deadline and ambitious elements, felt like I had it tracked all the way. The AD was really cool. I heard it's getting a really great response, hope it leads to more covers, for The Pitch and beyond...

The final version I worked on had about 76 layers in Photoshop, was 450 DPI and took up about a whole GB of memory. Was worth very bit. Below is a screen grab of the folder that housed all my files, drafts and reference.

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