Monday, July 11, 2011


A couple of months ago, I was contacted about being part of this very intriguing project for the UK rock-n-rollers, ART BRUT.

The band had a new album out now called BRILLIANT! TRAGIC! &, being fans of comics, they've also released a companion comic book about the songs. How cool is that?!

Album cover by artist Jamie McKelvie

Eddie Argos, singer of the band, offered his thoughts on initiating and the results of the multi-talented project:

When we first had the idea of creating an Art Brut comic, I compiled a list of all my favorite artists and then handed the list to our manager (as I am far too shy to approach those people). I thought only one or two would say yes. I was completely blown away when they all did and then flattered they would take the time to create something for us. As I had chosen all my favorite artists and writers for the project I was expecting to be blown away by every new submission, it went beyond even that though. I love what has been created and I recommend that you go out and collect everything by everyone who has contributed to this comic."

I agree! You should collect everything I put out.

But seriously, what was also so cool about this job was that there were no creative restrictions. No thumbnails, no sketches, no suggestions or guidelines. They said to do whatever I wanted, that they trusted me. I really appreciated that.

Now what's really amazing is the talent, besides my humble skills, that they've collected to do this. TOP NOTCH. Here's the rundown of the album's tracks and the associated artist

1. Clever Clever Jazz by Bryan Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim)

2. Lost Weekend by Hope Larson

3. Bad Comedian by Jeffrey Lewis

4. Sexy Sometimes by Jeffrey Brown

5. Is Dog Eared by Chris Haley

6. Martin Kemp Five A-Side Football Rules by Mr. Solo

7. Axl Rose by Akira the Don

8. I am a Psychic by Jamie McKelvie

9. Ice Hockey by Sian Superman

10. Sealand by Patrick McQuade

plus bonus strips by Jamie S. Rich & Marc Ellerby, and Jeff Lemire

- Here's the official press release -

"In glorious celebration of the imminent release of Art Brut’s ‘Brilliant! Tragic!’, a rag tag group of comic book magicians have come together for an exclusive project. Each one of the shining ten album tracks has been given to ten artists to interpret as they see fit. The result? Comic book masterwork."

I have to agree, it is a MASTERWORK.

I chose to do the closing track on the album called SEALAND. It's kind of an odd track for them, slower in tempo, something different, and very beautiful. When I heard it, I kinda fell in loved with it, have a listen for yourself below.

"On a clear day they will see us from the beaches
But their jurisdiction will never reach us
You and me, we'll be high society
I'll raise the flag, you print the money

You and me, a principality
Hand in hand in the sealand
You and me, a principality
Hand in hand on the sealand

People in love, fly around and get fat
I think I'm okay with that
On our Coat of Arms, oh say, from the sea freedom
Other people, we don't need them

Speed boats and helicopters
Well, let's let them circle us

You and me, a principality
Hand in hand on the sealand
You and me, a principality
Hand in hand on the sealand"
So, without further ado, here's my artistic interpretation of the song.



And there you have it, hope you found it delightful.

What's crazy is that I found out after doing this that Sealand is an actual place off the coast of England. Looks like a oil rig, built in the 1940s to shoot down the Nazi airplanes during WW2. Some guy bought it in the 60s and now it's officially it's own country! or something like that, Check out the links and pics below.

And finally, the other week I met Eddie and the band at the Williamsburg Music Hall in Brooklyn. Super nice fellas, they really dug my work - phew! - and HOT DAMN, they put on a FANTASTIC show!!!

Art Brut Comic - Brilliant! Tragic!

Check out their sites for more info. Get the new album, spread the word, check out the comic, go see em live!


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