Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Revolution in Cairo, Part 3 - The Final! (NOT)

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(UPDATED - Not the Final - See above post)

Here's the finished painting... for now. Need to move on to other work. It's a bit looser stylistically than usual, but I'm cool with that. It think it captures the moment and that's all I wanted to do. Will probably tweak it here and there. Will re-post if any significant changes takes place.

May the sun shine on the people of Egypt in this uncertain hour. I hope their transition to a democracy is completed quickly and without bloodshed.


Simon Fletcher said...

Interesting layout. It took a while for me to work out the action taking place here. The Soldier's face is perfectly comic, like he is just realizing its all over and he's about to be mobbed.

And yes, I agree, good luck Egypt

Patrick McQuade Illustration said...

Thank you Simon. Your blog "Illustration Life" is wonderful. Was really impressed with the Arthur Rackham post - CHEERS!