Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I approach these like they are landscapes - large spaces, strange environments, John Ford-esque cinematography of distant lands. Atmospheric and emotional, each one has it's own epic to tell.

Got a tad sidetracked this week but usually that's a good thing and, in this case, I think it was. In my search for some texture for digital paintings I decided to create my own. I did a series of little abstract paintings. All are roughly 5x8'' done with watercolor & gouache.

I have a natural inclination to do this kind of work, always have ever since I can remember, scribbling swirls and such on the margins. This past year has been about honing other parts of my skill set, but I will always return to doing abstract imagery. Very freeing for me, using other parts of the brain. Click on em to blow them up bigger.

Blue Valley








I did a series of large scale work back in the day and cant wait to return to that size, but for now this will have to scratch the itch. I am going to be compiling all of the best work I have done in this vein over the years and creating a separate website for it soon.

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