Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Japanese snow monkey drinking hot tea

Japanese Snow Monkey Drinking Hot Tea by Patrick-McQuade 11x17-print (Proceeds to Japanese RED CROSS)

Couldn't get this image out of my head, so I had to paint it! I feel much better now.


Jason Raish said...

this one is pretty awesome. it has a different feel from most of your other stuff, maybe its because i'm partial to japanese stuff.... and i saw your lincoln daniel day lewis on one of the movie websites i frequent recently, can't remember which one

Patrick McQuade Illustration said...

Hey Jason, thank you! Yeah, a bit different, I'm digging it too. Looking forward to exploring this neighborhood in 2011. Hey, what site did you see my DDL Lincoln at? Grrr... Nobody contacted me for permission.

2DBean said...

great stuff, love this one especially