Saturday, May 11, 2013

Step Brothers, Dragon & Nighthawk 4Eva!

Step Brothers is a classic.  Yeah, it's dumb and juvenile but for me it's a friggin masterpiece. When I was approached by The Bottleneck Gallery to be in their "I Love You man" show about bromances, it didn't take me long to think of that film. The image is inspired by the dialogue from when Dale & Brennen first meet. The exchange "Call me Dragon" "Call Me Nighthawk". I imagined them flying high in the sky, riding atop mighty beasts, screaming their nuts off.  I especially pumped to draw a dragon for the first time in years, been too long , look for more soon - one of the main reason why I did this piece.  Had a blast bringing it to life, enjoy!



Below are print shots



It's a limited edition (50) 13x19" giclée print on 190gsm fine art rag. 1" white border around the edges.  

Available now through The Bottleneck Gallery HERE

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