Thursday, March 7, 2013

LA Weekly - The Big Lebowski!

Got a bunch of Big Lebowski character illustrations in this week's issue of LA Weekly - Maude, The Dude and "Shut the F up, Donnie" Walter. There's a big article on the movie and these are each individually spots interspersed throughout the article at about 6 inches high I hear.  Cant wait to check out the article, I'm a big fan of the movie, saw it like a pachillion times when I was younger.  Hadn't in a while though leading up to this, so I watched it again. It's a tough job, this art thing, sometimes.  Used my camera to take pictures of paused shots in the tv, then in combination with other reference and such, created these.    Went with a biblical vibe with The Dude, robes flowing.  Wanted to partly show Walter's briefly seen sensitive side, hence the "pomeranian".  And for Maude, I just wanted to show off her - amen - wardrobe.The-Big-Lebowski-Illustration-Spots-LA-Weekly-PJ-McQuade
LA Weekly Big Lebowski PJ McQuade
LA Weekly Big Lebowski PJ McQuade 2

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