Monday, September 3, 2012

52 Shades of Greed, Part 1


Ace of Clubs - Countrywide
The biggest and most predatory major subprime originator.

I was recently asked to contribute 4 illustrations to this really cool project called 52 Shades of Greed. The website is launching right now Check it out!

The project is many things, but in the barest form is a deck of playing cards bearing illustrations of the people and financial institutions whose lust for money took the rest of us for a ride toward economic collapse.


2 of Spades - SEC, Security and Exchange Commission.
Weak regulator which routinely destroyed records of investigations, sometimes right before the investigator went to work for the regulated.

"Wall Street, NYC – The first Tuesday in September is traditionally a bacchanalian holiday on Wall Street. Suit-and-tie revelers engorge themselves on whatever sentiment may have been aroused for the working and middle classes on Labor Day. It is not a place for delicate sensibilities, and citizens unfamiliar with this side of town are usually advised to steer clear.

This first Tuesday in September, however, may be different.

While Wall Street gets back to the seedy business of—as one Bank Executive famously put it—“screwing people”, Occupy Wall Street and a team of professional illustrators are drawing up a plan to pull back the curtain on their perversions.

Marc Scheff (Art Director), asked our interviewer, “Ever seen Dick Fuld or the infamous Kathryn Wylde at work?” He continued, “I’m not surprised. It drew an NC-17 rating.”

Rumors are now circulating about which twisted financial instruments are to be depicted on the cards. Many expect the appearance of the Collateralized Debt Obligation, which first gained notoriety for bringing the housing market to its knees and laying bare the US economy. We all wanna know who screwed us and how they did it. And we want pictures. The cards will direct the curious to a website to get the dirty details on each Shade of Greed.
We hope they will shed light on these dark alley affairs."

The plan is to cut 1000 decks to hand out on September 17th, the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.
To do this we have just announced a fundraiser.
Everyone fueling the project with at least a $25 contribution
will get a deck. We would like to raise enough to enable us to stage events related to art and financial education.

Check out this sweet video explaining the whole shebang!

The artwork is just incredible. Here’s a taste of the other cards – top shelf, top notch.



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