Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Illustrations for Time Out Chicago - The 8 Reasons Why Obama Will Win in 2012


Did these for Time Out Chicago around Thanksgiving, finally getting around to posting something more in-depth with process and details. Was busy/holiday craziness! etc. Had a blast doing it, twisting our prez into a numerical pretzels. I made the procession of numbers into a dance, a ballet, as he takes off his blazer and rolls up his sleeves, burstingly confident at his re-election chances next year. I think he will. Romney just ain't all that, kinda phony to me. We'll see... Hoping to get more political work this year, would love to do more Obama illustrations. Props to Stephanie over at Time Out Chicago for coming up with a super fun & cool concept!

Below is a peak into my process.

Behold my reference files (lots), then the slop that I start with (cute, but yikes!), and the fancy refinement that follows.



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