Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I did this for the Fairytale Re-Imagined Art Challenge on CGHUB. Click to enlarge.

Cromagnon Red Riding Hood is about to get chomped by a T-Wolf... but wait, hold up - Red actually looks pretty badass, like she's gonna poke em in the eye & flip outta harm's way. Hmmm... Who do u think is going to win?

(Yes, I know dinosaurs and people never existed together in real time, separated by millions of years, but whatevs. Think of this as more of a Flinstones/One Million BC homage)

Click below to check out my work in progress thread. Super ultra sloppy sketches (yikes)! to the pristine final you see above. Actually I'll probably keep playing with for a bit... never done, always tweaking...

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