Thursday, January 20, 2011


"Same old Jets. Back in the AFC Championship Game."
-Rex Ryan

I was inspired to do a bunch of football illustrations this week by the New York Jets dramatic win over the New England Patriots at Foxborough Stadum. The plan was to only do one but that morphed into 4, plus I have two more in rough states. Damn, that was a good game. Felt great sticking it to Brady and Belichick, especially after getting creamed up there in early December.

"I wonder if Tom Brady was screaming when he was being hit? Hmmmm... And he was being hit. Hard & often.” - Steve "The Shmooze" Somers, WFAN 660AM sports talk radio host.


These will be available as large prints (11x14'', 13x19')' soon through my Etsy store,
so stay tuned...

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