Sunday, June 20, 2010

Through the Years! Football, 2004 -2010

I first met Football aka Footy aka Footina at the end of 2003 when I started dating my lovely wife Daria. She's an awesome, special dog. Part chihuahua, part terrier? She was found under a car in San Diego over ten years ago. Small, but compact and muscled. I think she's half cat, or fox. Over the years I've done many versions of her in a couple different styles. Here's a rundown of them from the earliest to the newest at the bottom just finished today. I have a couple more somewhere. Will update when found and scanned.

Did this one above back in 2006. Was never really happy with her expression though. Left it alone for a few years, but it always kinda bugged me. Finally, a couple months , almost 4 years later, I tweaked it digitally to give her smiling eyes and shortened tail. This illustration was the inspiration for the short story written by Daria called "Yennang Tennang" in MToEM V. 1 & 2 . Her expression now matches the intended emotion of the moment. Better late than never! Below is the altered version from 2010.

Going forward, I want to create a cartoon-y, simplified version of Footie, kinda like Snoopy. Gonna be a real challenge. She's deceptively simple, her "look" changes all the time I feel. As always, stay tuned!

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A. T. Pratt said...

these are great! my dog is also a constant inspiration to me. i've drawn Maggie my black lab probably like two billion three billion maybe five billion times and written/drawn her into two comic stories so far