Friday, December 11, 2009

UPDATED with sketches and alternate takes: "SHAPES: The New Brethren", 9 - 16

All the original Shapes drawn by Sallese. I rotated them up, down, left and right.
So many possibilities...





Alternate take. Wasn't really enamored with this. Too boring?
Wanted something different, so decided to flip it up and use the Shape as a helmet.


Alt. take 1. Too space suit-y.

Alt. take 2. Too Disney.

Just right. The ol' tried and true weird purple dude riding atop
a fish beast always tickles my geek bone.




Having such a blast doing these. Hope to have the next 8 - 10 up in mid- January. Also working on different, more graphic versions of these characters as well, black inks and photoshop coloring. Real stripped down simple. I'm liking the results. Will post those experiments soon. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have enjoyed the newest batch of SHAPES: The New Brethren.


Pearl Grey said...

These are great! I love the idea- I am tempted to have a go at drawing shapes myself! :)

Alex Kahalehili said...

Dude I havent been on your blog in super long and your work just keeps getting more amazing. Good job man.